Multiomics in Precision Medicine

Multiomics in Precision Medicine will be held on June 22-23, 2022, at the Broad Institute in Boston, MA. Sessions will focus on the theme, Emerging Strategies for Multiomics in Precision Medicine. Two key drivers in precision medicine have been the recognition that populations within a disease area need medicines tailored to their specific needs, and … Continued

G2P Newsletter June 2022

June 2022
G2P News

In this spring newsletter, we are delighted to announce congratulatory transitions for several of our former research trainees and research assistants who have either graduated from or been matched to genetic counseling programs. Additionally, Gaia Ceccaroli, G2P/Franca Fund Advisor, shares her personal preventive genomics story and road to discovery about her health in a video … Continued

Medical research in genomics – Theory meets practice

Mass General Brigham |
May 2022

Through the Achieving Research Equity & Inclusion Conference, Mass General Brigham engages stakeholders from across the country and our communities for a unique opportunity to change how we do research. Click the link below to hear Dr. Robert C. Green talk about medical research in genomics, where theory meets practice.

Will genetics and genomics deliver precision health?

U.S. News |
May 2022

Hear from a panel of experts, including Dr. Robert C. Green, about the challenges and opportunities ahead for genomics and precision health, as well as how researchers, clinicians and other stakeholders are working to make sure that such efforts are inclusive, equitable, accessible and effective.

Full-genome screening for newborn babies is now on the cards

The Economist |
May 2022

“Doctors in many places want to sequence and screen babies’ entire genomes at birth. In America there are projects to do just that at Boston Children’s Hospital, Columbia University and Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego. A pioneering group at Harvard, known as BabySeq, has recently received money to expand its small-scale work to include … Continued

Precision Medicine World Conference 2022

PMWC, the “Precision Medicine World Conference” is the largest & original annual conference dedicated to precision medicine. PMWC’s mission is to bring together recognized leaders, top global researchers and medical professionals, and innovators across healthcare and biotechnology sectors to showcase practical content that helps close the knowledge gap between different sectors, thereby catalyzing cross-functional fertilization … Continued

Genomes2People Running4Research 2022

G2P took to the streets this summer for the annual Boston Athletics Association 10K. There’s still time to support our team with a tax-deductible donation!

Baby’s first genome

Nature Biotechnology |
April 2022

“Whole-genome sequencing may be the fastest way to diagnose rare complex diseases, but should it be incorporated into healthy newborn screening?” “We are missing the opportunity to address an increasing number of treatable conditions,” says G2P Dr. Robert Green.  

Webinar: Will Genetics and Genomics Deliver Precision Health?

In this webinar, leading experts will discuss the latest on how widespread genetic screening programs can be incorporated into routine care, allowing patients to identify future risks and to develop more effective personalized approaches to treat disease or even to ward it off entirely. Hear from a panel of experts about the challenges and opportunities … Continued

Achieving Research Equity & Inclusion

Presented by: Mass General Brigham, with support from Advarra Mass General Brigham is engaging stakeholders from across the country and our communities for a unique opportunity to change how we do research. Achieving equity and inclusion in research requires us all to join together to: Name it! Acknowledge the past and identify the future Act … Continued

Genomics in Health Implementation Forum newborn sequencing virtual workshop

Genomics in Health Implementation Forum |
April 2022

On April 5th, 2022, initiatives from around the globe will virtually convene for a meeting of the Genomics in Health Implementation Forum (GHIF). This focused workshop aims to share the status of international efforts establishing genomic newborn screening programs and identify areas for engagement with GA4GH Work Streams.

Genomics in Health Implementation Forum Newborn Sequencing Virtual Workshop

On April 5th, 2022, initiatives from around the globe will virtually convene for a meeting of the Genomics in Health Implementation Forum (GHIF). This focused workshop aims to share the status of international efforts establishing genomic newborn screening programmes and identify areas for engagement with GA4GH Work Streams.

2022 World Medical Innovation Forum

The World Medical Innovation Forum brings together Mass General Brigham and presenting sponsor Bank of America to advance patient benefiting technologies. Join us, May 2–4, along with dozens of CEOs, investors and top MDs. The 2022 Forum will explore the promise of new gene and cell therapies, the challenges to their development and investment and … Continued

G2P March 2022

We’re adding to the evidence needed to see genomic information used routinely in healthcare

29th International Molecular & Precision Med TRI-CON 2022

Monday, February 21: PLENARY KEYNOTE SESSION – PRECISION HEALTH: GENOMICS AND BEYOND 4:15pm PST: Universal Newborn Sequencing and the Path to Preventive Genomics (Robert C. Green) 6pm PST: Panel Discussion: Precision Health: Convergence of Genomics, Digital MedTech and Healthcare (Moderator: Robert C. Green)

Their DNA hides a warning, but they don’t want to know what it says

The New York Times |
January 2022

The MGB Biobank returned actionable genetics results to 256 participants, 76.3 percent of whom were unaware that they carried a variant that put them at increased risk. The New York Times reports on this return of results process, outlining that some participants wanted to learn this information and others did not.

What is precision medicine?

ABC Nightlife |
January 2022

“Precision medicine is personalised and creating individualised treatments for a whole range of conditions, so how is it changing the way we manage disease? Philip Clark spoke to John Mattick a Professor of RNA Biology at UNSW and Professor Robert Green is the Director of the Genomes2People Research Program at Harvard Medical School.”

The UK’s plan to sequence the genomes of 200,000 newborn babies

Geographical |
November 2021

“Genomics England are poised to a launch a pilot project which will see the genomes of newborn babies sequenced on their very first day of life…In the USA, under a pilot project called BabySeq, a team co-led by Robert Green from Brigham and Women’s Hospital found that across 1,500 genes in 127 healthy and 32 … Continued

Genomic screening of healthy newborns gets more popular

WebMD |
December 2021

“Even before their baby is born, parents face some tough questions: Home birth or hospital? Cloth or disposable diapers? Breast, bottle, or both? But advances in genetic sequencing technology mean that parents will soon face yet another choice: whether to sequence their newborn’s DNA for an overview of the baby’s entire genome.”

Amy McGuire on newborn sequencing

The Beagle Has Landed |
November 2021

“Amy McGuire [Co-PI of BabySeq] joins Laura Hercher on “The Beagle Has Landed” to discuss BabySeq and the high-risk, high-reward prospect of making genome sequencing of newborns routine. After a preliminary study many years in the making, Amy is here to assure us of one thing: ‘what we’re doing isn’t Gattaca.’ Also, the take-home message: … Continued

Precision Medicine and Functional Genomics 2021

This is an international forum that has been running for six years bringing together nationally and internationally recognized researchers, healthcare professionals, policymakers, and community members to explore the latest developments and innovations in biomedical research and how they translate into precision medicine solutions. This year’s program will be focused around four parallel tracks as follow: … Continued