The Genomes2People research program at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Broad Institute and Harvard Medical School conducts cutting-edge empirical research in translating genomics into health. With more than $40 million in NIH awards, our research explores the medical, behavioral and economic impact of using genomic information in medicine and in society at large.

Research projects include:

  • The BabySeq Project is studying families of both healthy and sick newborns via a randomized clinical trial where half have their baby’s genome sequenced.
  • The MilSeq Project is the first trial to examine the provision of whole exome sequencing to active duty military in the US Air Force through their military healthcare providers.
  • The PopSeq Study is exploring the return of genomic results to the Jackson and Framingham Heart study populations, improving high-throughput methods for identifying harmful genomic variants and exploring genomic penetrance.
  • The REVEAL-SCAN Project is the first multi-site, randomized clinical trial to examine the impact of learning amyloid imaging results in cognitively normal individuals.
  • The PeopleSeq Consortium is tracking the medical, behavioral and economic outcomes of healthy early adopters who have been sequenced through a number of commercial and research protocols.
  • The MedSeq Project is the first randomized clinical trial to measure the impact of whole genome sequencing on the practice of medicine by recruiting both healthy individuals and patients suspected of hereditary cardiomyopathy.
  • The PGen Study is the first prospective, longitudinal examination of direct-to-consumer genetic testing on nearly 2000 consumers from two different DTC genetic testing companies.
  • The REVEAL Study is a series of several randomized clinical trials examining the impact of disclosing genetic risk for Alzheimer’s disease on individuals and their caregivers.

Through rigorous scientific research, we are establishing a foundation of evidence for genomic medicine that will accelerate the adoption of novel genomics-based technologies and hasten the day when illness is not just treated, but prevented.

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