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Improved provider preparedness through an eight-part genetics and genomic education program

Hajek C, Hutchinson AM, Galbraith LN, Green RC, Murray MF, Petry N, Preys CL, Zawatsky CLB, Zoltick ES, Christensen KD on behalf of the Imagenetics METRICS Team
Genetics in Medicine In Press

Re-evaluating the “right not to know” in genomics research

Gold NB, Green RC
Genetics in Medicine In Press

Do research participants share genomic screening results with family members?

Wynn J, Rasouly HM, Loarte TV, Saami AM, Weiss R, Ziniel SI, Appelbaum PS, Clayton EW, Christensen KD, Fasel D, Green RC, Hain HS, Harr M, Hoell C, Kullo IJ, Lepping KA, Myers MF, Pacyna JE, Perez EF, Prows CA, Rahm AK, Campbell-Salome G, Sharp RR, Smith ME, Wiesner GL, Williams JL, Zawatsky CLB, Gharavi AG, Chung WK, Holm IA
Journal of Genetic Counseling October 2021  

How will Aducanumab approval impact Alzheimer’s disease research?

Weiner MW, Aisen PS, Beckett LA, Green RC, Jagust William, Morris JC, Okonkwo O, Perrin RJ, Petersen RC, Mindt MR, Saykin AJ, Shaw LM, Toga AW, Trojanowski JQ and the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI)
Journal of Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease July 2021  

Hematopoietic mosaic chromosomal alterations increase the risk for diverse types of infection

Zekavat SM, Lin SH, Bick AG, Liu A, Paruchuri K, Wang C, Uddin MM, Ye Y, Yu Z, Liu X, Kamatani Y, Bhattacharya R, Pirruccello JP, Pampana A, Loh PR, Kohli P, McCarroll SA, Kiryluk K, Neale B , Ionita-Laza I, Engels EA, Brown DW, Smoller JW, Green RC, Karlson EW, Lebo M, Ellinor PT, Weiss ST, Daly MJ, The Biobank Japan Project+, FinnGen Consortium+, Terao C, Zhao H, Ebert BL, COVID-19 Host Genetics Initiative+, Reilly MP, Ganna A, Machiela MJ, Genovese G, Natarajan P
Nature Medicine June 2021