Hospital records hold valuable Covid-19 data. Making it usable is time-consuming work

May 2020

To help scientists around the globe study Covid-19, researchers in Boston have shared genetic and other clinical data from thousands of patients with an international consortium. That data includes information from dozens of people with Covid-19, who had donated blood samples and opened up their medical records before the pandemic.

Genetic counselors and the fight for medicare recognition

Medium |
May 2020
G2P Blog

Elizabeth Fieg, MS, LCGC discusses the importance and implication of the H.R. 3235-The Access to Genetic Counselor Service Act that would authorize and recognize appropriately credentialed genetic counselors as reimbursable providers under Medicare.

Coronavirus: Genes may explain why some face greater danger than others

Fox News |
April 2020

“While healthy young people as a group are less likely to have severe symptoms with COVID, they have to understand that some of them will become very ill and will even die from this infection,” Dr. Robert Green said. “No one should assume youth makes them invulnerable.”