ThinkResearch Podcast: Genomics and Healthcare

Harvard Catalyst |
January 2024

“What role can genomics play in improving healthcare? Jason Vassy, MD, MPH, MS, of Veterans Affairs (VA) Boston Healthcare System and Brigham and Women’s Hospital shares his research on how patient DNA might be used to improve healthcare and prevent disease.”

G2P December Newsletter 2023

G2P News |
December 2023
G2P News

G2P’s final newsletter of 2023 celebrates the five year anniversary of The Franca Sozzani Fund for Preventive Genomics. Other highlights include the second annual meeting of the International Consortium on Newborn Sequencing (ICoNS) in London and the 2023 Advisory Board members of the year, Mike and Ann Marie Einziger. We also join Genomes2Veterans in celebrating … Continued

V.A. Recruits Millionth Veteran for Its Genetic Research Database

New York Times |
November 2023

“On Saturday, after a 12-year effort, the Department of Veterans Affairs reached a long-term goal — it enrolled the millionth veteran in a genetic database, the Million Veteran Program. According to the V.A., the Million Veteran Program is the largest such database in the world. It includes not only genetic information but also is linked … Continued

BabySeq, MedSeq projects reveal how many people carry genetic risk variants for rare diseases

Brigham Women's Hospital |
October 2018
Press Release

More information on newborn and adult sequencing studies unveiled at the 2018 American Society for Human Genetics Meeting in San Diego, CA. Two projects in which healthy individuals have had their genomes sequenced have revealed that searching for unanticipated genetic results in newborns and adults can unearth far more variants associated with diseases than previously thought, … Continued

Plenary presentation at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology Precision Health Meeting

AGBT Precision Health Conference |
September 2018

Dr. Robert C. Green speaks at the 2018 Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) Precision Health Conference in San Diego, California about our efforts to gather empirical data on genome sequencing healthy individuals. Watch to learn more about G2P’s MilSeq, BabySeq, MedSeq, PeopleSeq, PGen and REVEAL projects. Click here for more on the conference.

G2P Newsletter April 2018

Genomes2People |
April 2018
G2P News

Spring saw accomplishments by team members and new advances in direct-to-consumer testing. Dr. Kurt Christensen provides compelling detail about econogenomics cost and benefits to genetic sequencing, and Megan Maxwell discusses genetic counseling and the MilSeq project on a podcast.

G2P Newsletter October 2017

Genomes2People |
October 2017
G2P News

Highlights include a CBS feature on the BabySeq Project, the announcement of the MilSeq collaboration with the U.S. Air Force, and more.

Study of clinical genome sequencing in the active-duty military begins

Brigham Women's Hospital |
October 2017
Press Release

Up to 75 active-duty U.S. Air Force service members will now have the first opportunity to incorporate whole exome sequencing (WES) into their routine clinical care through a new two-year research partnership between the Air Force Personalized Medicine Program, Air Force Medical Genetics Center and several academic institutions, including Brigham Women’s Hospital, Broad Institute, Harvard … Continued

Genomes2People: a roadmap for genomic medicine

Front Line Genomics |
May 2016

An overview and summary of the main projects that are being conducted within the G2P program, both past and present. This article also includes the progract managers and research assistants on each major project.