The MilSeq Project

Sequencing in the military healthcare setting comes with a unique set of considerations as it has the potential to return information that may impact a service member’s perceived mission-readiness, duty assignments, and career. Although scholars have commented on this issue, little is known about the perspectives of those serving in the military. The MilSeq Project … Continued



Airmen and healthcare providers’ attitudes toward the use of genomic sequencing in the US Air Force: Findings from the MilSeq Project

Pereira S, Hsu RL, Islam R, Robinson JO, Ramapriyan R, Sirotich E, Maxwell MD, Majumder M, Blout C, Christensen KD, Mehlman M, Parasidis E, Gardner CL, Killian JM, De Castro M, Green RC, McGuire AL
Genetics in Medicine Aug 2020  

Provision of basic genetic counseling services by primary healthcare providers after an educational intervention: Lessons learned from the MilSeq Project

Maxwell MD, Hsu R, Islam R, Robinson JO, Pereira S, Gardner CL, Green RC, De Castro M
Genetics in Medicine Aug 2020