National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) 39th Annual Conference 2020

Nashville, TN
November 18, 2020
Virtual Conference
  • Carrie Blout Zawatsky, MS, CGC
  • Bethany Zettler, MS, CGC
  • Emma Perez, MGC
  • Morgan Danowski, MS, CGC
  • Poster by Carrie Blout, MS, CGC: Biobank Set-Up and Execution: A Retrospective Effort Analysis
  • Poster by Bethany Zettler, MS, CGC*: Genomic Testing in Healthy Individuals: The Brigham Preventive Clinic (*Tala Berro to present)
  • Poster by Emma Perez, MS, CGC: Variant Reclassifications at the Intersection of Research and Clinical Care
  • Poster by Janelle Shea, MS, CGC: Declining Medically Actionable Genetic Results: Why Mass General Brigham Biobank Participants Opt Out of Clinical Result Confirmation
  • Poster by Morgan Danowski, MS, CGC: The Million Veteran Program – Return of Actionable Results (MVP-ROAR): Design and Pilot Results

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