Careers of the future: promising professions in research and patient care

BWH Clinical and Research News |
November 2016

Two of our G2P genetic counselors, Carrie Blout and Sheila Sutti, discuss the importance and growth of genetic counseling within the genetic medical field. They disclose why they chose to be genetic counselors and the multitude of opportunities that are available within the field.

The flip side of personal genomics: When a mutation doesn’t spell disease

Scientific American |
November 2016

How do you tell healthy people that they harbor lethal genetic variants? How does it affect their family or their overall health? Dr. Robert Green, director of the G2P research initiative, states that studying these variants is important because it gives some insight into how likely mutations are to affect increase risk of disease.

Will unanticipated genetic mutations lead to subsequent disease?

Brigham Women's Hospital |
November 2016
Press Release

A study published in the journal Science Translational Medicine is the first to show that mutations in certain cancer and cardiovascular genes put individuals at an increased risk for dominantly inherited, actionable conditions, regardless of family medical history. The study, carried out in two separate populations of African-Americans and European-Americans, finds that individuals carrying these … Continued

Would you want to know the secrets hidden in your baby’s genes?

November 2016
Press, Radio

Conducting whole-exome sequencing on newborn babies during the BabySeq project highlighted important findings on how it would affect parents. While some were willing to know the information that was coded in their baby’s genes, many were resistant to this idea because of public policy and possible insurance mishaps.