You don’t need a personal genetics test to take charge of your health

Wired |
February 2018

“What you see in the consumer genetics market is that legitimate genetic findings, often from studies with very large sample sizes, are being turned around and marketed to people in a way that implies it’s going to be actionable for individuals,” says Harvard geneticist Robert Green.

Genome sequencing for healthy people: Will it be helpful?

Medium |
February 2018

The first piece of a 2-part blog series authored by Dr. Robert C. Green. Early results suggest that yes, whole genome sequencing may very well be substantially helpful to a significant number of healthy patients. To read the second piece, visit:

Fitness secrets in your DNA

Men's Journal |
February 2018

Some genetic variations can be associated with physical responses to diet and exercise, says Dr. Robert C. Green, but it remains to be seen how large those effects are and what it really means for one’s health.