New Blog Post by Dr. Green: “Genomic Sequencing: Just Another Tool in the Doctor’s Bag”

Over at the Huffington Post, G2P director Robert C. Green argues, with evidence from the MedSeq Project, that physicians will be able to integrate information from genomic sequencing into medicine responsibly, just as they have other types of new technologies in the past:

Just as doctors don't have to be domain specialists in chemistry to use chemistry lab tests, or in radiation science to use x-ray reports, we imagine that the physicians in the near future will quickly become skilled at using genomic information that is delivered in an understandable format by a molecular laboratory and will be able to contextualize this information to a patient's family history, medical history and physical examination. Better electronic health records and decision support tools will help this process, but doctors will not wait for the complete development of seamless systems if genomic information proves to be medically useful.

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