Imagenetics METRICS

July 2020

Genetic testing has the potential to revolutionize primary care by helping health care providers tailor medication choices to their patients’ genetic information and by identifying inherited risk factors for disease before patients develop symptoms. Few health systems have integrated genetic testing into general patient care to date and even fewer have developed the infrastructure to … Continued

G2P Newsletter June 2019

June 2019
G2P News

G2P’s summer began with our team members participating in the Boston Athletic Association 10K on Sunday June 23rd! Over the past few months, G2P faculty have attended numerous conferences nationwide, been featured in podcasts discussing the new preventive genomics clinic, and engaged with leaders in science, business, and industry in support of the Franca Fund.

Sanford Health taps Harvard, Brigham and Women’s for genetic screening study

Genome Web |
June 2019

Under the four-year collaboration, experts in genomic medicine from Harvard and Brigham and Women’s will help guide Sanford researchers in using and interpreting data collected through the Sanford Chip, a $49 pharmacogenomic test to identify genetic risk factors for medication use and more accurately prescribe medications.

G2P Newsletter March 2019

March 2019
G2P News

Spring saw accomplishments by team members through numerous projects. G2P officially kicked-off the PeopleSeq consortium in Boston this January! Our very own, Carrie Blout, MS, CGC, was one of 86 Partner’s individuals awarded the Partners In Excellence Award.

G2P Newsletter December 2018

December 2018
G2P News

This Fall, G2P has had exciting updates with a new PeopleSeq grant. Our team has traveled from San Diego, Atlanta, and Fort Detrick to Basel, Zurich, and Barcelona, to several conferences, presenting new data from our translational genomics research projects.

Genomics and Life Insurance Working Group

November 2018

We have assembled a Genomics & Life Insurance Working Group of experts to explore themes, challenges and benefits of educating life insurers about genetic and genomics concepts. We would like to help them better understand how genetic and genomic testing can ultimately prolong individuals’ lives, resulting in a net benefit for patients and their life … Continued


June 2018

As director of the Genomes2Veterans research program at the Veterans Affairs (VA) Boston Healthcare System, Jason Vassy, MD, MPH, SM, bridges the expertise of Genomes2People and the mission of bringing 21st century medical care to Veterans. Current Genomes2Veterans research projects: Integrating Pharmacogenetics in Clinical Care (I-PICC) Study Funding: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Office of … Continued

Econogenomics Working Group

October 2006

Genomic medicine has the potential to revolutionize patient care. Yet, major questions remain about the value it provides and its impact overall health care expenditures. Advocates hope that genomic medicine will help control expenditures by streamlining diagnostic processes, informing selection and dosing of treatments, and identifying at‐risk individuals to facilitate targeted prevention. The price of … Continued