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Apple is offering free genetic tests to all its Silicon Valley employees

December 2019

“It’s really exciting that to see companies move to preserve health, rather than just treating patients when they’re ill,” said Dr. Robert Green, a medical geneticist at Harvard Medical School and a co-founder of a genetics company called Genome Medical.

Preventive Genomics Brochure

October 2019

Please view our online brochure if you are interested in learning more about the Preventive Genomics Clinic at Brigham & Women’s Hospital

Frequently Asked Questions

October 2019

Want more information on the Preventive Genomics Clinic? Check out answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Is preventive genomics elitist?

Medium |
October 2019
G2P Blog

The ultimate aim of our Genomes2People Research Program is to contribute to the transformation of medicine from reactive to proactive, from treatment-oriented to preventive. We are trying to help build the evidence base that will justify societal decision to make these technologies and services accessible to anyone who wants them, regardless of means, education or … Continued

Brigham and Women’s Hospital opens preventive genomics clinic

Genome Web |
August 2019

“Preventive genomics is not yet recommended as standard of care,” Robert Green, director of the Preventive Genomics Clinic, said in a statement. “But for over two decades, our NIH-funded, randomized trials in translational genomics have generated consistent evidence that there are more potential medical benefits and fewer risks than previously considered. It is time for … Continued

The genetic counselor with a $4,000 DNA test

Bloomberg |
July 2019
Press, Video

At a new clinic in Boston, genetic counselor Carrie Blout helps healthy patients get their DNA tested for predispositions to more than 2500 diseases. Bloomberg’s Aki Ito goes through the testing herself, trialing a controversial technology at the forefront of modern medicine.

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