G2P featured in Brigham Clinical & Research News “Look who’s talking”

Brigham Clinical & Research News |
April 2023

Genomes2People was featured in the latest issue of Brigham Clinical & Research News “Look who’s talking”. Past winners of the Brigham Research Institute’s BRIght Futures Prize share about the impact that the $100,0000 award has had on their work and careers. “In 2012, we were delighted to be the very first winners of the BRIght Futures award, which provided our research team with $100,000 to investigate genome sequencing in newborns (NBSeq). Since then, we have won two major awards from the National Institutes of Health, totaling $11 million to implement NBSeq in diverse cohorts of newborns and have launched the International Consortium on Newborn Sequencing, bringing together the world’s leaders in this space.”-Robert Green, MD, MPH