G2P Team

Robert C. Green, MD, MPH
Director, G2P
Email: rcgreen@bwh.harvard.edu
Phone: 617-264-5838
Twitter: @RobertCGreen
Erin Drake, MA
Director of Research Operations, G2P
Email: edrake@bwh.harvard.edu
Phone: 617-264-5838
Sarah Kalia, ScM, CGC
Director of Research Development, G2P
Email: skalia@bwh.harvard.edu
Phone: 617-264-5836
Twitter: @SarahKaliaGC
Carrie Blout, MS, CGC
Senior Genetic Counselor and Project Manager
The MedSeq™ Project: Integration of Whole Genome Sequencing into Clinical Medicine
Email: cblout@bwh.harvard.edu
Phone: 617-264-5837
Twitter: @CarrieBlout
Jason Vassy, MD, MPH, SM
Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine
Email: jvassy@partners.org
Phone: 857-364-2561
Twitter: @jasonvassy
Sheila Sutti, MS, CGC
Genetic Counselor and Project Manager
REVEAL-SCAN: Risk Evaluation  and Education of Alzheimer's Disease - the Study of Communicating Amyloid Neuroimaging
Email: ssutti@bwh.harvard.edu
Phone: 617-264-5879
Twitter: @SheilaSutti
Shawn Fayer, MSc, MS
Project Manager
The BabySeq Project: Genomic Sequence-Based Screening for Childhood Risk and Newborn Illness
Email: sfayer1@bwh.harvard.edu
Phone: 617-264-5884
Twitter: @ShawnFayerGC
Lynn Pais, M.Sc, MS
Project Manager
eMERGE AIM III: Electronic Medical Records and Genomics
PeopleSeq: The Personal Genome Sequencing Outcomes Study
Email: lspais@bwh.harvard.edu
Phone: 617-264-5897
Twitter: @LynnPais

Joel Krier, MD, MMSc
Instructor, Department of Medicine
Email: jkrier@bwh.harvard.edu
Phone: 617-264-5882
Kurt Christensen, PhD
Instructor, Department of Medicine
Email: kchristensen@bwh.harvard.edu
Phone: 617-264-5883
Twitter: @kdchrist
Daiva Nielsen, PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher, G2P
Twitter: @DaivaNielsen

Emilie Zoltick, ScD, MPH
Postdoctoral Fellow, G2P
Email: ezoltick@bwh.harvard.edu
Phone: 617-264-5881
Ellie Steffens
Senior Research Assistant, G2P
Email: esteffens@bwh.harvard.edu
Phone: 617-264-5889
Wendi Betting
Senior Research Assistant, G2P
Email: wbetting@bwh.harvard.edu
Phone: 617-264-5874
Tiffany Nguyen
SeniorResearch Assistant, G2P
Email: tnguyen@bwh.harvard.edu
Phone: 617-264-5887
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