G2P Team

Robert C. Green, MD, MPH

Director, G2P

Email: rcgreen@genetics.med.harvard.edu

Phone: 617-264-5838

Erin Drake, MA

Director of Research Operations, G2P

Email: edrake@genetics.med.harvard.edu

Phone: 617-264-5838

Jason Vassy, MD, MPH, SM

Instructor, Department of Medicine

Email: jvassy@partners.org

Phone: 857-364-2561

Sheila Sutti, MS

Genetic Counselor and Project Manager

The Genetic Architecture of Rate of Alzheimer’s Decline (GENAROAD) Consortium and The Risk Evaluation and Education for Alzheimer’s Disease (REVEAL) Study

Email: ssutti@genetics.med.harvard.edu

Phone: 617-264-5879

Caroline Weipert, MS, CGC

Genetic Counselor and Project Manager

The BabySeq™ Project: Genome Sequence-Based Screening for Childhood Risk and Newborn Illness

Email: cweipert@genetics.med.harvard.edu

Phone: 617-264-5880

Maggie Helm, MS, CGC

Genetic Counselor and Project Manager

PeopleSeq: The Personal Genome Sequencing Outcomes Study and The Impact of Personal Genomics (PGen) Study

Email: mhelm@genetics.med.harvard.edu

Phone: 617-264-5881

Joel Krier, MD, MMSc

Instructor, Department of Medicine

Email: jkrier@genetics.med.harvard.edu

Phone: 617-264-5882

Kurt Christensen, PhD

Research Fellow, G2P

Email: kchristensen@genetics.med.harvard.edu

Phone: 617-264-5883

Deanna Alexis Carere, MA, MS, CGC, CCGC

Genetic Counselor and Predoctoral Researcher, G2P

Email: dcarere@hsph.harvard.edu

Lily Hoffman-Andrews

Research Assistant, G2P

Email: lhoffmanandrews@genetics.med.harvard.edu

Phone: 617-264-5887

Rebecca Walsh

Research Assistant, G2P

Email: rwalsh@genetics.med.harvard.edu

Phone: 617-264-5835