G2P Team

Robert C. Green, MD, MPH

Director, G2P


Phone: 617-264-5838

Erin Drake, MA

Director of Research Operations, G2P

Email: edrake@genetics.med.harvard.edu

Phone: 617-264-5838


Denise Lautenbach, MS, CGC

Genetic Counselor and Project Manager

The MedSeq™ Project: Integration of Whole Genome Sequencing into Clinical Medicine

Email: dlautenbach@genetics.med.harvard.edu

Phone: 617-264-5837


Sarah Kalia, ScM, CGC

Genetic Counselor and Project Manager

The Impact of Personal Genomics (PGen) Study

Email: skalia@genetics.med.harvard.edu

Phone: 617-264-5881



Leo Waterston, MA

Project Manager

The Risk Evaluation and Education for Alzheimer’s Disease (REVEAL) Study

Email: lwaterston@genetics.med.harvard.edu

Phone: 617-264-5879



Jason Vassy, MD, MPH, SM

Senior Research Fellow, G2P

Email: jvassy@genetics.med.harvard.edu

Phone: 857-364-2561




Joel Krier, MD

Research Fellow, G2P

Email: jkrier@genetics.med.harvard.edu

Phone: 617-264-5882




Kurt Christensen, PhD

Research Fellow, G2P

Email: kchristensen@genetics.med.harvard.edu

Phone: 617-264-5883




Deanna Alexis Carere, MA, MS, CGC, CCGC

Genetic Counselor and Predoctoral Researcher, G2P

Email: dcarere@hsph.harvard.edu

Nina Gold

Harvard Medical Student

Email: ngold@genetics.med.harvard.edu

Phone: 617-264-5836




Rachel Miller

Research Assistant, G2P

Email: rmiller@genetics.med.harvard.edu

Phone: 617-264-5885





 Christina Liu

Research Assistant

Email: christinaliu@genetics.med.harvard.edu

Phone: 617-264-5887




Jake Duggan

Research Assistant

Email: jduggan@genetics.med.harvard.edu

Phone: 617-264-5835