Molecular technologies for multi-cancer screening require novel approaches to evidence generation

Raoof S, Kennedy CJ, Wallach DA, Bitton A, Green RC
Nature Medicine In Press

Precision medicine: From breakthrough to follow-through

Medium |
May 2021
G2P Blog

Nic Encina, Director of Strategy of the Precision Population Health (PPH) Initiative at Ariadne Labs, describes the recent launch of PPH into the world of precision medicine. “We feel that Genomes2People’s real-world research in genomic return-of-results combined with Ariadne Labs’ practical approach to health system innovation and implementation are aptly suited for tackling implementation obstacles … Continued

Physician-directed genetic screening to evaluate personal risk for medically actionable​ disorders: A large multi-center cohort study

Haverfield EV, Esplin E, Aguilar S, Hatchell K, Ormond K, Hanson-Kahn A, Atwal P, Macklin-Mantia S, Hines S, Sak C, Tucker S, Bleyl S, Hulick P, Gordon O, Velsher L, Gu J, Weissman S, Kruisselbrink T, Abel C, Kettles M, Slavotinek A, Mendelsohn B, Green R, Aradhya S, Nussbaum R
BMC Medicine In Press

Primary care providers’ responses to unsolicited Lynch syndrome secondary findings of varying clinical significance

Galbraith LN, Preys CL, Rehm H, Scheuner MT, Hajek C, Green R, Christensen KD
Genetics in Medicine In Press

Precision Pioneers EP 4: Geneticist and Harvard professor, Robert Green on accelerating implementation of genomic medicine

The Genetics Podcast |
April 2021

On this episode of The Genetics Podcast, Patrick is joined by Robert Green, a geneticist, Professor of Medicine at Harvard, and Director of the Preventive Genomics Clinic at Brigham Health, whose work centers around accelerating evidence based implementation of genomic medicine. Patrick and Robert discuss topics including testing for common complex disease risks in healthy … Continued

The psychosocial impact of newborn genomic sequencing on families in the BabySeq Project: A randomized clinical trial

Pereira S, Smith HS, Frankel LA, Christensen KD, Islam R, Robinson JO, Genetti CA, Zawatsky CLB, Zettler B, Parad RB, Waisbren SE, Beggs AH, Green RC, Holm IA, McGuire AL, BabySeq Project Team
JAMA Pediatrics In Press

Ariadne Labs and Genomes2People launch new Precision Population Health initiative

PR Newswire |
March 2021
Press Release

The Precision Population Health (PPH) initiative, a collaboration between Genomes2People and Ariadne Labs, aims to solve the system challenges in adopting precision medicine in primary care, and bring about a promising, equitable approach to medicine for every patient, everywhere. Our vision is not to simply introduce new tools to primary care, but rather to transform … Continued

Development and validation of a comprehensive Genomics Knowledge Scale

Linderman MD, Suckiel SA, Thompson N, Weiss DJ, Roberts JS, Green RC
Public Health Genomics In Press

I’m 28 and I don’t know my family history – here’s how that affects my health

Well + Good |
February 2021

28 year old Mercey Livingston shares about what it means to be adopted and not know important information related to family health history and genetic health. Livingston quotes G2P’s director, Dr. Robert Green, explaining the differences between direct to consumer testing and comprehensive testing options, as well as the value of working with a genetics … Continued

NOVA “Secrets in Our DNA” screening and panel discussion

Computer History Museum |
January 2021

Following a screening of the NOVA documentary, “Secrets in our DNA,” the Computer History Museum hosted a panel with science and business experts about personal genetic testing. Click the link below to hear contributions by G2P director Dr. Green.

Secrets in our DNA

January 2021

In this NOVA documentary, G2P director Dr. Green explains what DNA can reveal about our ancestry and health, and at what risk.

Latest Med News Podcast: Episode 6 with Bethany Zettler

Latest Med News |
December 2020

In this season finale of the Latest Med News Podcast, G2P’s Bethany Zettler shares about her work as lead genetic counselor of the Preventive Genomics Clinic and project manager of the MilSeq and BabySeq studies. Her work focuses on how genetic testing can help anyone understand their health risks and make proactive medical/lifestyle choices.  

Franca Sozzani has inspired a scientific fund – And now a website

Vogue |
December 2020

“Last year Sozzani’s son, the photographer and filmmaker Francesco Carrozzini, established the Franca Sozzani Fund for Preventive Genomics at Harvard University’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital with artist and investor D.A. Wallach and Genomes2People director Dr. Robert C. Green. Today marks the launch of Its purpose is straightforward: to explain the fund’s mission, provide resources … Continued

Preventive genomics clinics: The future of precision medicine?

The Pathologist |
December 2020

“Personal genetic testing is here to stay – so Bethany Zettler and Renée Pelletier recommend preventive genomics clinics as a way to offer the testing patients want without bypassing the guidance they need to fully understand their results.”

DNA: The next vital sign

Brigham Health |
October 2020

Brigham genomics clinic makes medicine personal—and preventive.

Genomic sequencing to screen newborns raises more false alarms than routine blood tests

August 2020

In this study led by UCSF researchers, exome sequencing was found to produce more false positives and false negatives for inherited metabolic disorders than the standard blood testing conducted in newborns. G2P’s Dr. Robert Green, co-leader of the BabySeq Project, speaks to the possibility “that the most comprehensive screening for newborns will be some combination … Continued

The Project Baseline Health Study: A step towards a broader mission to map human health

Gambhir S, Arges K, Assimes T, Bajaj V, Balu S, Bashir M, Beskow L, Blanco R, Califf R, Campbell P, Carin L, Christian V, Cousins S, Das M, Dockery M, Douglas P, Dunham A, Eckstrand J, Fleischmann D, Ford E, Fraulo E, French J, Ginsburg G, Green R... Shipes S, Sledge G, Spielman S, Spitler R, Schaack T, Swamy G, Willemink M, and Wong C
npj Digital Medicine June 2020  

Geneticist says DNA testing should be part of everyday healthcare

May 2020
Press, Video

Dr. Robert Green is the director of the Preventive Genomics Clinic at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. He believes that DNA testing combined with proper counseling and medical follow-up would be a critical element of a healthcare system that can prevent illness.

Of Known Significance

Clinical Omics |
March 2020

An exclusive Clinical OMICs conversation with the director of Genomes2People, Robert Green, M.D., MPH

All in for All of Us

Brigham Clinical and Research News |
March 2020

Through national research efforts like the All of Us Research Program, Brigham investigators and their collaborators are making genomic research more meaningful, equitable and impactful for all patients at the Brigham and around the world.

Reset your DNA to slow the clock

Neo Life |
December 2019

A new epigenetic test that tracks molecular aging claims to show you how to stay biologically young. However, Robert Green says “epigenetic marks in apparently healthy people can tell them meaningful things about their health status is an overreach.”