PRE-RA Family Study

National Institute of Health, 2011S000892 (E. Karlson, PI)

Principal Investigator: Elizabeth Karlson


Many family members of people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) wonder if they are at risk for developing RA. The PRE-RA Family Study is creating an online tool (called the "Personalized Risk Estimator for Rheumatoid Arthritis", or "PRE-RA") to help family members understand and reduce their risk of RA. Our research team, led by Elizabeth Karlson, MD, will enroll 100 people who are at risk of developing RA. This increased risk is related to having a blood relative with RA. Gathering information about who is at risk for RA will be helpful in identifying effective ways to check for or prevent this disease.

The study is enrolling adults between the ages of 18-70 who are first-degree family members of a person with RA. As part of the study, participants are asked to answer some questions about their lifestyle and health behaviors. For some participants, a blood sample will be drawn from their arm, which will be tested for protein and genetic markers. This information will help the team to create an accurate, easy-to-use computer tool to help people at risk of developing RA understand their risk.

Dr. Green's Role: (Consultant) Advising on study design and implementation, with a focus on genetic risk communication.


To learn more about Dr. Karlson's work, please visit Brigham and Women's Hospital