Returning Individual Genetic Research Results to Parents and Children

National Institutes of Health, RC1-HG005491 (I. Holm, PI)

Principal Investigator: Ingrid Holm

Duration: 2009-2011


Project Goal: As part of the Children’s Hospital “Gene Partnership,” which aims to collect genetic material on inpatients and outpatients and utilize this in conjunction with their medical records to perform research, this sub-study establishes the Informed Cohort Oversight Board (ICOB) for the Gene Partnership program. The ICOB will survey parents of children to determine which genetic results they would wish to learn.


Dr. Green’s Role: (Consultant) To serve on the ICOB and assist in the development of instruments to assess attitudes and outcomes among subjects enrolled.


To learn more about Dr. Holm's work, please visit Boston Children's Hospital.

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